Buying a christmas tree costs time; a search for the right tree will cost you easily half a day!

It can be a big job. You need to figure out where to pick up the tree, you need to step into traffic, pick a tree, load, unload, bring the tree inside, clean the car, place the tree and so on. We could do all of this for you.

Christmas trees can be a nuisance; needles everywhere! Mostly in your car.

Putting the tree up and to put it straight has to be done well, else it can be a job that takes weeks. Our delivery staff knows exactly how to do it for you and will do it gladly.

Quality; you will only know if you chose the right tree after several weeks. Finding a good Christmas tree is not easy. There are many quality trees, but also many bad ones. We save you this trajectory. We understand trees, and have our own quality control.

Clarity: We clarify on our summary how much a tree costs, which species it entails and how big it is. You know exactly what you get.

‘Christmas trees are bad for the environment‘, is often said. On the popular misconception that by buying a tree with us you do a service to the environment, you can read an article here (in Dutch). About tree burning and its effects to the environment, you can read an article here (in Dutch)