Below is an overview of the prices of trees in the most common sizes. We also supply larger and much larger trees. However, this is customized, so it is better to contact us directly.

100cm 125-150 150-175 175-200 200-225 225-250
GREEN FIR 28,- 31,- 34,- Bigger on inquiry
BLUE SPRUCE 30,- 36,- 43,-
NORDMANN 52,50 65,- 79,- 95,- Bigger on inquiry
NOBILIS 50,- 60,- 70,-
NORDMAN IN POT 53,- 58,-
STANDARD These water standard keeps your tree longer beautiful 18,- In combination with a tree
WOODEN CROSS Price depends on the type and size 3,-/5,- In combination with a tree
TREE BRANCHES NOBILIS 19,- In combination with a tree
CHRISTMAS PIECE 8,- In combination with a tree
COSTS OF DELIVERY Per delivery 14,50
Prices are excl. VAT. Payments within ten days after the invoice date.